Rich Craig

Rich Craig

Rich Craig  –  Banjo, Vocals

Rich is the originator of the Shirthouse Band.

I was born in La Mesa Ca. In junior high I played the trumpet in the orchestra. We were members of the Nazarene church where Wayne Rice was a member. We moved to Lakeside where I attended El Cap high school. After high school I went skiing in Mt. Laguna with the youth group from church. It was a short trip for the group. The youth pastor and I found a car hood so we went for a ride…he jumped off, I ran into a tree broke my leg. The hospital stay was long.  I was laid up for a few months so I decided to buy a banjo and take lessons. I went to a music store and saw Wayne Rice and found out he played the banjo. Sooo, I took lessons from him.

The ski trip kept me out of Vietnam and I’ve been playing ever since. We formed a band at church. I had a jam years later and met Peter. We wanted to torture the neighborhood, so we met a few musicians and started the Shirthouse band. It was named after my t-shirt shop.

Through the years I have been blessed to meet some fine musicians: Geoff Stelling, Greg Deering, Doug Dillard, Earl Scruggs, Bill Monroe, Lester Flatt, Wayne Rice to name a few and of course the great guys in our band who put up with me. The real blessing through this is meeting a lot of fine people in these 48 years of playing.